Don't Forget the "Aaaahhh" Moment


Whenever you are planning music for your handbell choir, we'd like to remind you to add the beautiful pure sound of the Malmark Choirchime® to your concert or worship repertoire.  Not only does the Choirchime add a less percussive, pure timbre as a contrast in many pieces of handbell music but it also is a beautiful, melodic instrument in its own right.

Although originally designed as a cost effective, durable substitute for handbells to be rung by children, the Malmark Choirchime has evolved to be a sought-out instrument by musicians of all levels in handbell choirs, vocal choirs, retirement centers, nursing homes, music therapy! So, don't leave out the Choirchimes when you are planning music that will touch and soothe each listener's heart and soul. You may find that the Choirchime becomes an audience favorite!

So, go ahead and plan on that piece with brass or organ and the fun arrangements with lots of handbell techniques like mallets or martellato but don't forget your listener will also enjoy the peaceful sounds of the Choirchime: or the "Ahhh Moment." Everyone enjoys a moment to sit back, relax and just let the lovely, resonant sounds of the Choirchimes fill the room. In a concert or a worship setting an arrangement performed only on Choirchimes can be very effective! If you are fortunate to have the largest range of handchimes in the world (made only by Malmark!) then you will especially enjoy enhancing your bass line with Choirchimes whether in conjunction with handbells or using Choirchimes alone.

For an example of how effective the use of Choirchimes alone can be, enjoy this video of Tintabulations, under the direction of Derek Nance. This performance recorded at the Handbell Musicians of America national seminar in Portland, OR in July 2013.

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