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Malmark was founded with the stated intention of producing handbells better than anyone else in the business. Our success in achieving product superiority is demonstrated by the fact that we sell more handbells than any other handbell manufacturer in the world. Therefore, purchasers have the assurance they are buying handbells that have won the acclaim of leading directors, their choirs, and audiences around the world.

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With this remarkable hand-held chime instrument, the ability to produce music is almost immediate. Within minutes, any group can successfully play melodies and experience the joys of making real music regardless of their musical training. The same dedication that goes into the crafting of our handbells goes into the creation of our Choirchime® Instruments. Choirchimes offer a satisfying ringing experience at an affordable price.

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Handmade in the USA out of 100% birch, our Cajons are created specifically with tradition in mind. Based on traditional Cajons from Peru, the slightly narrower dimensions give the Traditional Cajon its signature Pop and Slap. These extremely portable instruments are easily incorporated into any existing piece or sound great just by themselves. If you are looking to add musical depth, teach rhythm, or just have some fun, the Malmark Cajon is perfect for you.

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Malmark brings the ease of ringing melody lines, percussive patterns and ostinati to you with our innovative Cymbells at the best price available! Enjoy the sound of quality with these authentic Malmark handbell castings mounted to a convenient rack. Each set contains 13 chromatic rack mounted castings, 2 mallets, and a custom carrying case. Available in C5-C6, C6-C7 and C7-C8 configurations.

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Need some replacement mallets? Look no further! Designed by experts, Malmark Mallets were developed to provide the best tonal response from each bell casting. Each mallet is marked for the proper range and hand grips provide positive control. From wool mallet heads for lower pitches to hard density heads for higher bells, our mallets are your best choice!

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Malmark offers an extended line of handbell and Choirchime® accessories, with each item designed specifically for handbell choirs. From pads to carts and gloves to tables we are continually developing new products to help you improve your performance and maintain your Malmark handbells.

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Carrying Cases:
Malmark has been designing and manufacturing carrying cases for over 40 years! All of our cases are designed specifically for the storage, transportation, and protection of Malmark's Handbells, Choirchimes, and Cymbells. Malmark Carrying Cases are durable and built to last. Now Malmark cases can be outfitted to accomodate bells produced by all major handbell manufacturers.

  • Protect your investment
  • Spend more time rehearsing, less time packing.
  • Lighten your load and your storage space
  • Designed for all travel
  • Easier bell transportation

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