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Over the past 30 + years, Malmark has become the world’s largest handbell producer and, at the same time, introduced numerous innovations to the world of handbell ringing through its leadership in design, craftsmanship and research. Those innovations include...

CymBells® registered as a trademark on October 11, 2011.

Bell Chime Set (AKA Cymbells®) patent awarded January 15th, 2008.

Malmark introduces the first set of 73 note Choirchimes in the range of C2 – C8.

Malmark extends the range of its Basso Profundo aluminum handbells from G1 to F#3.

Malmark introduces the first set of 66 note Choirchimes® in the musical range of G2 – C8.
Malmark introduces its new four position hand adjustable clapper unit for bass handbells.

Malmark extends the musical range of its Choirchimes® to five chromatic octaves (C3 – C8).
Malmark introduces its special Solo Ringer Package.
Malmark provides table leg extenders which may be added to its “Totable Tables” for added height when needed.

Malmark introduces its Give-A-Bell Campaign Kit to aid churches, schools and other organizations in fund raising for their purchase of Malmark handbells.

Malmark introduces its new model Choirchimes® with handbell-type adjustable axles and a five-year Warranty on the complete chime.

Malmark develops and patents the first aluminum bass handbells to reduce weight and create a strong fundamental tone.
Malmark introduces its new music light for handbell choirs.

Malmark announces its factory refurbishing service.

Malmark provides free membership in the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, Inc., to purchasers of sets of handbells or its handbell packages.
Malmark premiers its lower 8th octave of handbells and introduces the G1 – B1 bronze handbells.

Malmark introduces its “Tote-Pac” covers and pads for ease of set-up and transportation.

Malmark presents the first designer custom table covers of pinwale corduroy.

Introduction of the world’s first seven octave set (C2 – C9) of handbells at a special concert given by the Westminster Concert Bell Choir of Westminster Choir College, Princeton NJ, under the direction of Donald Allured.

Malmark introduces the first Handbell Packages – the Prelude (25 handbells and accessories) and the Classic (37 handbells and accessories).
Malmark introduces its “Up With Music” transparent music risers.

Introduction of the Malmark/Broadman instructional films with Donald Allured.
Introduction of the Malmark Music Binder/Stand with adjustable reading angle.
Malmark creates Choirchime® Instruments – the first American hand chime instruments – in a set of 25 note (G4 – G6) chromatic range.
First Handbells In Motion Directors’ Workshops presented.

Introduction of the first Malmark “Totable” handbell tables.

Handles multi-layered for maximum strength and comfort.
Stainless steel adjustable axles and nylon bearing block for lifetime performance.
The first G2 bronze handbell.
Malmark colophon on one side of the handle to denote the position of the strike point on the handbell.

A new handbell profile to permit clearer sound and meet the requirements of the heavier chords and ringing techniques of modern handbell compositions.
Clapper restraining springs of new space age plastic to provide better control and extended ringing life.
Keyboard color-coded handles and handguards to help ringers identify notes more easily.
The first successful hand-adjustable clapper. Convertible to a permanent setting, if desired.
A lifetime warranty on the tuned handbell casting.
Handbells without a tang for improved sustain of tone.

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