55 Steps in Refurbishing

    Administrative Process

  1. order entry
  2. return labels typed; paperwork processed
  3. orders sent to shipping department; appropriate cartons sent to you to pack your handbells
  4. upon arrival of return shipment, confirmation made of order to shipment; order tagged for identification
  5. order number, enabling tracking through upcoming processes, assigned

    Case Refurbishing

  6. cases inspected, noting suggested repairs
  7. all cases vacuumed, missing note decals replaced if needed
  8. outer vinyl covering cleaned & polished
  9. hardware replacement and any other repair is done with your approval (this is not included in the refurbishing, nor is there a lifetime warranty on the cases)

  10. Handbell Audio/Visual Evaluation; Charting 7 Pages of Notations

  11. your handbells rung, castings marked with removable marker to identify note
  12. undesirable changes noted in general tonal quality
  13. development of strong overtones noted
  14. development of strong fast wow noted
  15. pitch checked, changes noted (pitch change can occur to inherent changes in stress, or outer stressors such as excessive or large nicks or over-zealous, unauthorized machine polishing)
  16. nicks (especially if deep or on the mouth of the casting predisposing your bell to cracks) are charted
  17. scratches (severity may prevent removal) listed
  18. exposure to fire and/or water determined
  19. staining & etching noted
  20. evidence of machine polishing not performed in the Malmark facility determined

  21. Handle Evaluation and Performed Work

  22. handles inspected determining material, therefore age
  23. missing hardware
  24. "fogging" of note denotation or inscriptions, if present
  25. cracked handles noted
  26. handbells disassembled; parts sent to respective department craftpersons
  27. handles disassemble
  28. brass handle blocks replaced with black or white nylon blocks (customer may request they keep the brass and pay an extra charge for cleaning the brass)
  29. handle screws polished
  30. handle straps cleaned
  31. handle straps replaced as determined by inspection, then reassembled

  32. Clapper Evaluation and Work Performed

  33. clapper style, materials inspected, determining age
  34. extraneous noises from clapper noted (prior to disassembly of the handbell)
  35. inspection of yoke/coupler assembly
  36. bearings checked
  37. clapper heads inspected, cleaned, or replaced if needed
  38. replacement of lower octave clapper head felts performed
  39. bushings inspected
  40. indexing spring and detent pin inspected
  41. brass shafts and clapper head brass machine cleaned and polished
  42. lint & dirt removed from entire assembly
  43. restraining springs and screws replaced
  44. grease reapplied to cleaned, specific areas
  45. clappers reassembled and adjustments made to bearing screws

  46. Casting Evaluation and Work Performed

  47. bronze castings machine buffed inside & outside, maintaining pitch (not detuning the bell)
  48. warranty status confirmed, you are notified by telephone of progress on your order as well as any possible non-warranty covered work suggested
  49. upon your approval (or disapproval) of suggested work, all evaluations & work performed by our trained handbell craftpersons are combined, giving us a detailed handbell health/repair history

  50. Reassembly of Your Handbells

  51. castings hand polished inside
  52. handbells reassembled
  53. restraining springs adjusted to proper resistance
  54. handbells revoiced, assuring inherent changes have improved and not compromised tonal pitch, quality and matching of your set
  55. if inherent changes cause mis-matching and new strikepoint cannot be found, said castings replaced at no charge
  56. old scribe removed if new strikepoint found
  57. handbells hand-polished outside
  58. final inspection made
  59. refurbished handbells packed in refreshed cases
  60. return shipment to you

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