Let's Hear Some Cymbells!

Malmark Cymbells are an innoviation with countless uses for bell choirs, contemporary bands, orchestras/bands, choirs, schools and... the list goes on! Anywhere you would like to have the sound of Malmark handbells with the flexibility of ringing them on a mounted rack is a possibility for Cymbells. Handbell ringing experience? Not needed! Any percussionists, keyboardist or other musician will quickly master ringing Cymbells.

The video we are sharing here is Mark Andersen performing on 2 sets of Cymbells: C6 to C7 and C7 to C8 and Lynn Andersen ringing Malmark handbells. This video is part of the "Cresendo" program produced by International Artists: as stated on their website:

"For many years International Artists produced the "Celebrity Showcase" radio program from New York City and continues to produce music for broadcast on radio and television today.  The family of companies under International Artists includes International Church Publications with over 300 works for church musicians published.  In 1956 our primary medium was Stereo LP albums.  Since that time we have evolved along with the recording industry and our offerings are now only on CD and DVD.  International Artists produces the television program Crescendo! each week which is aired in New York State and the Seattle, Washington areas.  Crescendo! is devoted to the continued support of fine arts."

Check back for more performances on Malmark instruments from International Artists and to learn more visit:. www.intartists.com



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