The Cup Game - Ringers Did It First!

That's right! You may know it but before there was "Pitch Perfect" wowwing the world of media with their song set to the Cup Game we were teaching this fun rhythm game to our ringers!

If you are active in handbell or Choirchime ringing you already know how fundamental rhythm is to your group success. Don't we all wish we had a fun way to imrpove our musicians' rhythm? A popular and fun class at many workshops around the US has been Tim Waugh's class where he teaches the "Cup Game." Tim is an expert in the field of ringing as well as a retired music educator whose teaching style involves students getting up and moving throughout his classes.

Unfortunately, we don't have a video of Tim teaching the Cup Game but we found this great instructional video to get you started! it is not necessary for your ringers to sing along with the game - it's fun to play it with recorded music, piano, percussion or all by itself. This can be a really fun way to take a break from ringing and reinforce rhythm, practice coordination and devlope ensemble within your group. (We think it's preferable to reverse hands when teaching so your ringers can mirror you, but that will take a bit of extra practice on your part!)

If you haven't seen the original Pitch Perfect version follow our "See More" link and check it out. It's also lots of fun so it's no wonder the kids all love it and you will, too!

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