What's a "Cajon?"

"What's a cajón," you ask? A cajón (Spanish pronunciation: [k aˈxon] (Ka-hon), "box", "crate" or "drawer") is nominally a six sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks." - Wikipedia.com

The cajón box drum is thought to have originated from Peru. In the 16th century, African slaves would make these instruments from old packing crates and use them to replace the native drums of Africa. Also, in Cuba, cajón drums were made from old drawers and other household box-type items and used to accompany Cuban and Latino styles of music and is a big part of Spanish Flamenco music.

Over the years this versatile drum has been developed into a refined instrument which can create a deep booming bass and high-pitched slap sounds with a range of sounds in between. The addition of snare systems has brought the cajón into more styles of music and new ways of playing the drum. The wide appeal of cajóns is due in part to the simplicity of the instruments but also to the fact the cajón is an easy to play instrument that works well in many musical situations  - and it's very portable!

Today, the cajón can be found in all manner of music and venues such as accompanying singing groups, contemporary worship bands, Blues music, New Age and Country/Rock groups, handbell choirs and more. The musical advantage of a cajón is that it will add a clear beat to acoustic groups without overwhelming them like other percussion can. Plus, the addition of the snare in some models will add just the right touch to your contemporary sound. You'll also enjoy the ability of a cajón to make a very suitable substitute for trap set and to fit into smaller spaces than a full drum set up.

For Malmark, a cajón is actually a lot more than the bare essentials of a percussion instrument. For us, a cajón is a subtle, yet powerful and precise percussion instrument; capable of a wide range of color and sound. Having designed and crafted almost every component of our world famous handbells and Choirchime® instruments and their carry cases, we are accustomed to doing things the "Malmark way"; with a commitment to offering the best quality instruments and innovative products for over 45 years.

It is our quest for offering only the best that brought us to combine the skills of our wood shop together with an expert Cajon player from Peru who spent time onsite in our factory helping to design our new line of cajón drums. Being a family owned and operated business since the company's beginning made it natural that we would offer a family of Cajon drums. A closer look (and listen!) to each cajón will show you how each is unique in its own way, yet sharing the craftsmanship and design for quality sound. And, in the world of music what we care about first and foremost is the quality of sound of our instruments because it's what you, our customer, care about most.

Learn more and hear our cajón drums on our website by following the "See More" link. http://bit.ly/CajonDrums

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