A Message to the Ringing Community

After an 11 week Stay at Home mandate by the Governor of Pennsylvania, Malmark is now open and ready to serve our customers. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT. Tours have been suspended until further notice.

During our closure, like you, we witnessed the painful effects of COVID-19. Please know that we have developed and are practicing safety measures and disinfection protocols to insure the good health of our employees.

We also are deeply troubled by the recent display of racial injustice and are saddened that incidents like this occur all too often. The old adage, "ignorance breeds contempt", is applicable in all forms of discrimination. It is through education that we can defeat the senseless discriminatory acts witnessed in our lifetime. 

Malmark founder, Jake Malta, established this company which he affectionately called the United Nations, due to our diverse employees' ethnic backgrounds. We continue with those same principals and are united against ALL forms of discrimination today.

We would like to take a step forward in pushing education to douse the biased embers that are still aglow in society. Aware that learning music and how it enhances one's ability to learn other subject matter along with its powerful ability in allowing us to express our emotions in a positive way is Malmark's tool for advocating music education on all levels. The challenge of learning music in a COVID-19 safe environment shouts handbells and handchimes and Malmark will be diligently working to help end discriminatory violence through education.

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