Community Spotlight - ChimeWorks®

Malmark is pleased to introduce its new division, ChimeWorks®, an online resource community for musicians who use handchimes in the general music classroom, rehearsal or activity session. It can be found at The comprehensive site includes information to users of all makes of handchimes.

At Malmark, we are dedicated to helping you succeed with your instruments and ringing programs. There has been a need for more resources that use handchimes away from tables in classroom, choir rehearsal or activity/therapy situations. We have developed the ChimeWorks community to help you achieve success in making music with handchimes. In addition, many of the lesson plans can be used with KidsPlay® bells, tuned percussion instruments and even Boomwhackers®!

ChimeWorks is inclusive and offers a variety of information and tools for musicians who use handchimes:

  • A complete guide to the use of handchimes
    Have a text with regard to using handchimes at your fingertips and know that the information is current up to the minute.
  • Articles and Blogs regarding the use of handchimes to keep your teaching fresh and relevant
    Outcomes and goals in education are constantly being revised and we'll keep you informed and guide you as you use handchimes as a teaching tool.
  • Downloadable lesson plans to teach music skills that include compliancy points, objectives and teaching processes to energize your classroom or rehearsal
    Handchimes are a wonderful instrument to teach use in teaching music skills. Our lesson plans will help you inspire tomorrow's music leaders.
  • A collection of repertoire suitable for handchime ensembles with immediate purchase and download availability
    Not all handbell music is suitable to be played on handchimes but don't worry, we've done all of the work for you and every title on our site works with handchimes.

Because it is web-based, the information and helpful tips on the ChimeWorks site is constantly updated. It is a resource that will never go out of date, keeping you on the cutting-edge of all things handchimes!

The community of ChimeWorks members with whom you will be engaged will help you to be nurtured and flourish as you experience:

  • Online chat
  • Sharing a personal experience in the classroom or rehearsal
  • Sharing a video of a successful lesson plan or performance
  • Sharing tips for teaching • Seeking advice
  • Being mentored by veteran handchime leaders
  • Attending an event where handchimes are the focus
  • Weekly updates of new content and pertinent information

ChimeWorks is a community where you can share and be rewarded! As a member, you can submit a successful lesson plan that you have written for possible inclusion in the site and earn a 40% royalty for each lesson plan sold.

ChimeWorks is a member-based site that is secure so that you will feel safe in receiving and sharing information. Our low introductory membership rates are $1.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly. Log on today for a free two-week trial membership and receive three free lesson plans to use in your classroom or rehearsal.

ChimeWorks® is a registered trademark of Malmark, Inc. - Bellcraftsmen

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