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At Malmark, we ensure that your instruments look and sound their best after refurbishing. Our knowledge, skill and expertise is your assurance of having your handbells and Choirchime® instruments placed in like-new condition and ready for many more years of dependable performance. Basic refurbishing charge includes:


  • Completely disassemble and thoroughly inspect each handbell
  • Inform customer of inspection results and recommendations
  • Machine polish each handbell casting inside and out
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate each clapper assembly
  • Replace restraining springs and clapper heads where necessary
  • Cracked handles and handguards will be replaced at no charge if bells were purchased under our Lifetime warranty
  • Reassemble and revoice each handbell
  • Hand polish each casting
  • Inspect and clean cases; additional repairs may be suggested

Choirchime Instruments

  • Thoroughly inspect each Choirchime
  • Inform customer of results
  • Clean and adjust each clapper assembly
  • Replace any worn clapper heads and replace thumbguard labels
  • Inspect resonance of each tube and make appropriate adjustments of plugs as required
  • Inspect and clean cases; additional repairs may be suggested

If you'd like to see the complete list of steps, check our website,
Note: Having your handbells refurbished by Malmark guarantees that sets of handbells covered by our Lifetime Warranty are assured continuance of that coverage.

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Click here to get more information, or to schedule your handbell refurbishing service call us at: (800) HANDBEL (426-3235).


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Discount only applies to the base cost of refurbishing and does not include the cost of any replacement parts and/or additional services.
Discounts do not apply to shipping.
*Order must be placed at the same time your refurbishment is scheduled
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