June 21 - International Make Music Day

Malmark, Inc. Celebrates Make Music Day with Community Ring 

Malmark, Inc. joins the Make Music Day suburban Philadelphia celebration with a hands- on ringing and drumming event on Monday, June 21, 2021 on the grounds of the manufacturing site. Make Music Day is a one-day event where free, live musical performances, opportunities to make music and other musical events take place around the world on the longest day of the year. Musical festivities in Plumsteadville, PA are part of a global celebration of music making in over 1,000 cities inspired by France's Fête de la Musique.

Malmark, Inc. - Bellcraftsmen invites everyone from professional musicians to people who have never picked up an instrument to join in the global music celebration by attending our community tent event. Our staff musicians will teach, direct and lead a fun-filled, educating, and community-building experience with handbells, handchimes, and cajons. Rain or shine, ring or drum under the tent! The one hour sessions will be held at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. at 5712 Easton Road near the heart of Plumsteadville. Guests can experience our instruments, view our LoraBell gift line, and enjoy delicious treats available from one of Plumsteadville's latest family businesses, The Salt Box, owned and operated by the Marinelli family.

We would like to see the "A" for the arts put back into STEM because learning music has a positive effect on
children's growth, scholastically, emotionally and socially," said the owners, Lora Mohr and Joann Malta. Malmark agrees, "Research shows that music training boosts IQ, focus and persistence," quoted from a Wall Street Journal Article.

Music has been shown to strengthen social connectivity, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, stimulate memory, and is integral to a well-rounded, enjoyable life. By participating in Make Music Day, Malmark and Plumsteadville, PA encourage every form of music making.

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) members and partners from coast to coast, including Malmark, Inc., will join in their communities' celebrations of Make Music Day. June 21 is the perfect day to check out a local music store for some gear or to come together and play – whether it is for the first time or the thousandth.

Malmark may be contacted at 215-766-7200 or 1-800-HANDBEL. E-mail us at info@malmark.com .

About Malmark, Inc.
Jake Malta, the world's foremost designer of musically tuned bronze handbells, incorporated Malmark in November of 1973 and sold their first set of bells to Doylestown Presbyterian Church in 1974. He named the company to sound like "hallmark", a word which conveys quality.

The company started in a 3000 sq. foot building in Doylestown and in 1978, moved a few miles away, to a facility approximately 6000 sq. feet. In 1985, the company moved to Plumsteadville occupying the former Keller Glove Factory site. Today, with additions, the company occupies almost 46,000 sq. feet.

Due to the many design innovations, Malmark grew to lead the world in handbell quality and sales. The company offers the world's largest range of both handbells and handchimes in which the sets are matched to pitch within 4/100ths of a semitone on an A440 scale. Custom tuning and handle inscriptions are available as well as gift bells in many designs.

Our customers consist of both secular and faith-affiliated groups: schools, churches, community organizations, nursing homes and in music therapy. Many have found our instruments to be extremely useful in this COVID-19 environment. As percussion instruments, Malmark products have allowed music-making to continue during the pandemic.

In addition to producing quality instruments, Malmark, a family owned and operated business, takes pride that its products are made MADE IN AMERICA.

About Make Music Day:
Held annually on June 21, Make Music Day is part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place in more than 1,000 cities across 120 countries. The daylong, musical free-for-all celebrates music in all its forms, encouraging people to band together and play in free public concerts. This year, nearly 100 U.S. cities are organizing Make Music Day celebrations, encompassing thousands of concerts nationwide. Make Music Day is presented by the NAMM Foundation, and coordinated by the Make Music Alliance. For more information, please visit www.makemusicday.org.

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