Let Your Voices Ring Out!

As we struggle to define the new "normal" during COVID-19 times, consider an alternate method of making music. The act of expressing ourselves through communal singing may not be an option however we can use this time to strengthen other skills that will make us better when we can get back to doing what we love. With ringing, we build music reading skills, create a greater sense of rhythm and have a keener understanding of harmony and melodic line. Participants will increase their independent thinking, listening skills, attention span, physical coordination, self-discipline and personal expression. They also gain positive social and emotional skills through collaboration and the development of self-esteem. These are just a few reasons why so many love to ring!

During these COVID-19 times, Guidelines for safety have been suggested to allow you to make music in your schools, churches and communities.  Come explore the quality, craftsmanship and exceptional tonal quality of Malmark handbells and our budget-friendly Choirchime® Instruments. Give us a Ring at 800-HANDBEL (426-3235) or visit us at www.malmark.com to learn more. We'll help you find a voice!

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