Product Highlight - Carry Cases

Caring for your Carry Cases

Most handbell owners consider carry cases to be essential for the protection and transportation of their instruments. After all, you've invested a lot in your instruments over the years in terms of cost, time and effort. Your handbells have become an essential part of your organization's programming and message, and protecting your set with well-functioning carry cases is essential.

Here are a few tips for keeping your cases in tip-top shape so they can continue protecting your instruments:

  • Vacuum the fabric linings as needed or annually when you do maintenance of your instruments. 
  • Allow cases to air out without instruments after vacuuming. Clean the outside with a cleaner made for vinyl, like Armor All®
  • Each season examine all latches and hinges for looseness or missing parts; tighten or replace as needed. 
  • Consider adding desiccant packs to corners of the cases, away from the castings, if you are in a humid climate.
  • If your cases are "sticky" when you try to open them, wipe down the inside edges of the cases with a soft, damp cloth, allow to dry before closing. 
  • Mind that the center latch is in the "open" or up position before closing the lid of each case to avoid bending the hinged latch. 
  • Always use ALL the latches to secure your instruments inside the cases. If one becomes broken, loose, or you question its integrity, contact Malmark for parts and instructions.
  • If a case handle becomes broken, contact Malmark for a replacement and instructions. 
  • Careful handling of cased instruments will help avoid unintended damage and will allow carry cases to be the protection they are intended to be. Rough handling may damage cases and potentially the instruments, too. 
  • Cases will experience less wear and tear if you use a cart to move them. This folding cart easily moves 3-4 octaves in one trip.
  • "If it's closed, it's latched!" Make it a policy that when cases are lying CLOSED, they are always LATCHED. This can avoid the disaster of someone picking up a case that isn't latched and dumping handbells into the floor!

Although bronze handbells will last a lifetime if cared for, the same is not true for their carry cases. Carry cases take the bumps and bangs of transportation so your handbells don't have to suffer, and these add up to wear and tear over the years of use. Although Malmark can supply parts for your cases, missing or damaged parts are often just a sign that the case has outlived its usefulness.

Signs Your Cases Need Attention or Replacement:

  • Worn fabric along the edges of the wood forms inside the cases upon which the castings rest.
  • Exposed wood on the outside on the case exterior from a collision. 
  • The hardware is broken or missing, compromising the security of the case closure. 
  • Tears in the outside vinyl covering. 
  • Missing note designation labels. 
  • Hardware protecting the corners is damaged or missing.

Repair or Replace?

As the owner, you will need to assess your cases as to whether they need a small repair, or if the list of damages is extensive enough to warrant replacement. Of course, all your cases may not exhibit the same amount of wear, so you may choose to replace only those that are worn. We know you may have purchased add-on sets over the years and some cases are older than others, so Malmark cases may be purchased individually to fit your needs.

If your handbells are transported often, you go on annual travel tours, or you would like to upgrade to the ultimate in protection and transport of your bells, we invite you to investigate Malmark's Travel Cases. Malmark has kept the features you love about standard cases: handles where you need them, note designation labels inside, optional add-on of engraved plates in brass or laminate, and handy storage pockets in cases for octaves 1 and 2. Additional features of Travel Cases include wheels and telescoping handles, locking hardware (guards against accidental opening), exterior plates list bells inside each case, weight-balanced for ease of handing and lifting, fewer cases than our standard cases for 4 or 5 octave sets and they meet ATA guidelines.

Fit for Any Brand of Handbells

You may be surprised to know that Malmark can make cases for ANY BRAND of handbell in either Standard Cases or Travel Cases! Each is custom-made to fit the shape and size of your brand of handbell so be sure to tell us what you need when you inquire. As always, we are happy to discuss the options with you in the home office or contact one of our sales representatives from the contact section of

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