Product Highlight - Pedal Cajon

In the world of percussion, Malmark's Pedal Cajon stands out as truly unique.

Not only does this drum have the requisite booming bass balanced by a distinct high-range snare sound but it has unparalleled functionality. "The pedal makes it extremely versatile in real world music settings." according to F. Thomas Simpson, artistic director of Pasadena Arts Foundation, Crown City Ringers and Malmark Representative in California. It's exciting for us to hear that while using the Pedal Cajon this past Christmas, he realized that he's not the only one who found it to be useful. "Our LA studio percussionist loved it," continues Thomas. "I wanted him to use it for a piece we were doing with handbells, and he also ended up using it on three other pieces in the concert that weren't even related to us!"

Specifically, with the Pedal Cajon a player can:

  • turn on and off the snare wires in real time, instantaneously, in rhythm
  • lock the snare wires through a cam locking system so that snares are completely OFF or ON and played when striking the tapas
  • easily attach the pedal or remove it for transport or storage
  • apply previous experience playing a drum kit hi-hat to the available pedal snares or play snare sounds on the tapas
  • save money and travel space: a Pedal Cajon is like having 2 Cajons in one: a traditional Cajon without snare, or a snare Cajon played on the tapas, or by the foot pedal, or both

What is the attraction to using a Cajon with an ensemble? There are several points to consider when you need to add a drum sound or beat to your handbell, vocal or instrumental ensemble. Specifically: authentic sound, quality of sound, acoustic balance, ease of use, portability and storage. Check all these needs off your list with the Pedal Cajon! Malmark Cajons have an authentic Cajon sound as designed by an award-winning Cajon player. If your ensemble needs a beat, you'll find the Cajon balances acoustically so much better than a trap set. It's simple to learn and easy to carry and store because it's small and sturdy.

But don't just take our word for it. Aidan Fozard, Belleplate Soloist based in Chelmsford, Essex, England, says that his Malmark Pedal Cajon has been used at the HRGB National Residential Ringing Week last summer by Damien Lim. Also, Aidan is currently performing on it with the East Anglian Regional Team to the piece, Jamaican Rhumba. Aidan says it's "working really well. It is literally like having a drum kit in a small box." And since he travels to different rehearsals he can "chuck it in the car with all my other kits." Also, as far as drumming skills go, he is "able to learn fast without much previous drumming experience."

In describing the experience of a Pedal Cajon with her community ensemble, Stevie Berryman, Artistic Director of the Houston Chamber Ringers, is more than enthusiastic: "The pedal Cajon has been a game changer for us. HCR regularly performs with a full drum kit, but that is just not feasible for every venue. Sometimes it's an issue of space, and sometimes it's too loud and overwhelms the bells. Sometimes we just don't have the time or people to set up that much extra equipment. The Pedal Cajon is easy to transport, takes little room, but makes a huge impact on our sound. The earthiness of the tone blends beautifully with the timbre of the bells, whether it's a full choir or a small ensemble." In short, the Pedal Cajon lives up to it's "Game Changer" reputation by providing so much for such a reasonable price.

Find out more about the Malmark Pedal Cajon here:

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