Ringing Outdoors in Colder Temperatures

Ringing handbells outdoors in winter is possible.  As the temperature lowers, the tuning of the bronze casting will go sharp but they will revert when brought back into a 70° F environment.  As the outside temperature lowers, the metal of the casting will restrict and become more fragile.  You can ring in below freezing temperatures if you use the points of caution below:

  • Be sure to keep your clapperheads on the soft or medium setting.  Do not use the hard setting in freezing temperatures.
  • Do not perform stopped sounds on the handbells - plucks, marts or mallets.  The casting becomes brittle in colder temperatures and the force of a stopped sound is too great.
  • If the handbells are exposed to moisture, be sure to completely dry the handbells inside and out before returning to their cases.

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