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Malmark Newsletter - Fall 2017

What an exciting issue we have for you! We're proud to introduce Malmark's newest community, ChimeWorks®, in this issue of The Resonance. Plus ChimeWorks shares a Technique Tip every ringer and director needs and won't get anywhere else! Discover who Gail Welk is in our Meet the Crew section and gain new insight from her on creating a musical experience. Be enthralled with the excellence of the Back Bay Ringers from Boston as our featured group and video. We hope The Resonance is a fun way to spread the art of ringing and tell the stories of fascinating people who keep the art alive and well. Please share this issue with someone who loves music!

And as always, please feel free to comment and to share your musical experiences with Malmark products at We look forward to hearing from you!

Community Spotlight - ChimeWorks®

Malmark is pleased to introduce its new division, ChimeWorks®, an online resource community for musicians who use handchimes in the general music classroom, rehearsal or activity session. It can be found at The comprehensive site includes information to users of all makes of handchimes.

At Malmark, we are dedicated to helping you succeed with your instruments and ringing programs. There has been a need for more resources that use handchimes away from tables in classroom, choir rehearsal or activity/therapy situations. We have developed the ChimeWorks community to help you achieve success in making music with handchimes. In addition, many of the lesson plans can be used with KidsPlay® bells, tuned percussion instruments and even Boomwhackers®!

ChimeWorks is inclusive and offers a variety of information and tools for musicians who use handchimes:

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Technique Tip - Stopped Sounds on Handchimes

Fundamental Concepts

Because of their design, handchimes do not lend themselves to all the special ringing techniques of handbells. Many of the techniques could be damaging to the handchime tines, which determine the tuning of the instrument. The damage is done when the chime tube cracks at the base of the tines: changing the length of the tines. If the vibrating tine's length is altered in any way, the pitch is distorted permanently.

A tine generally cracks when it is bent from ringing or malleting with too much force or from using the martellato technique. Larger tines can also bend when their vibrating cycle is interrupted in that the larger the chime the lower the pitch and the slower the vibrating cycle. Playing short, repeated notes on bass chimes will weaken the tines and shaking on treble handchimes will weaken the tines. The rule to follow is: the larger the chime, the longer the duration of the note should be. Specifically, bass chimes (B3 and lower) should be used as a harmonic support to the handchimes above - C4 on up.

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Meet the Crew - Gail Welk

Gail Welk found her love for handbells when she first joined the bell choir in 1986 at Wesley UMC in Bloomington IL. In 1988, when the choir needed a new director, ringers decided they would each take a turn directing a piece. With only flute and no directing experience, Gail tried it out and has been directing there since. Today the Handbell Ministries at Wesley has 4 ringing groups – 3rd-5th grade Choirchimes®, Jr/Sr High bell choir, Sr High bell ensemble and the same adult bell choir that she began ringing in 31 years ago.

During her early years of directing, Gail attended many handbell workshops including AGEHR National Director Seminars. She approached each event like a sponge, absorbing everything about ringing, directing techniques and getting and sharing ideas about leading a bell choir.

Gail is honored to represent Malmark as a salesperson in Illinois and Missouri. Read more about Gail here and feel free to contact her at

Imagine This… - By Gail Welk

Imagine this... about 6 weeks ago you placed an order for a new set of Malmark handbells. Today is an ordinary day when a delivery truck pulls up and the driver unloads multiple brown boxes. You can't wait to see what is inside. The excitement grows as you start on the first box. You carefully open the carton and lift out the black case which rests inside. You open one latch, two and the third and lift the lid. Inside you find the most beautiful sight... brand new, perfectly crafted and shiny... HANDBELLLS!!!! THE END...

"But wait!!" you say... "What comes next? This can't be the end!!!" No, this is just the beginning. What does come next? What do we do with them? How do we take our brand new perfectly crafted and shiny handbells and create beautiful music?

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Video Spotlight - I Saw Three Ships

Two years ago, Back Bay Ringers was preparing an English Christmas-inspired program, when we discovered Jason Krug's fantastic arrangement of I Saw Three Ships which is both an audience and musician favorite! The addition of the drum adds to the rhythmic drive of this spectacular arrangement.

Watch the video here:

Spotlight on Performance - Back Bay Ringers

Back Bay Ringers Merge Music, People and History

Back Bay Ringers (BBR) is an advanced, auditioned handbell ensemble. Under the direction of Griff Gall, BBR has quickly developed a reputation for excellence, regularly performing at Boston-area landmarks such as Faneuil Hall, Symphony Hall, the Boston Children's Museum, and the Prudential Center. They made their debut with the Boston Pops in 2016, and have also performed in festivities associated with the Democratic National Convention, the Boston Marathon and the national conference of the Handbell Musicians of America. BBR performs both as a large ensemble and in smaller quartets throughout the year in both public settings and for private bookings. BBR has released three recordings: Merry and Bright, Perpetual Motion, and Comfort and Joy.

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