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Learning Opportunities

Studio 440 Workshops

Malmark is committed to helping your ringing program succeed. Whether you are a director or ringer, you will benefit from our educational offerings that will help you build a more effective ringing program. Join us by ZOOM each Thursday at 4:00 p.m. EDT for a 40 minute skill-building session. We’ll be starting at the very beginning of building a ringing program and give you a strong foundation in the basics through more advanced techniques. These interactive sessions will allow you the opportunity to ring along and ask questions as you learn. Our Studio 440 workshops are available at no charge but do require pre-registration by adding the session to your cart and completing the check out procedure. Once you have done so, a link to the Zoom session will be sent on the day of the scheduled session.
Session I – The Basics of Ringing and Damping & Understanding the Score
Kathy Ebling Shaw, Clinician
  • Understanding the Instrument
    Explanation of the handbell with regard to component parts and sound production.
  • Basic Ring
    Proper grip, ringing production and stroke.
  • Basic Damp
    Explanation of shoulder damp.
  • Basic Ringing and Damping Exercises
    Exercises to develop proper ringing and damping.
  • The Handbell Score
    Explanation of the printed score – handbells used chart, notes which fall in bass and treble and tracking.
Session II – Equipment, Set-up & Assignments
Kathy Ebling Shaw, Clinician
  • Equipment and Set-up
    Description of bell sets and accessories needed to begin a ringing program as well as optional accessories.
  • Placement of Handbells and Ringers
    Explanation of placing handbells on the table and assigning ringers to positions.
  • Basic Assignments
    Assignments for two and three octave sets – no chromatics.
  • Marking the Handbell Score
  • Suggestions for marking the score for assignments, etc.
Session IV – Special Techniques
Hyosang Park, Clinician

Demonstration, notation, score examples and explanation of execution of:

  • Ring
  • Shake
  • LV
  • Damp
  • Selective Damp
  • Swing
  • Mallets – Suspended
  • Grace Note
  • Ring Touch
  • Gyro
  • Echo
  • Rolled Chord
  • Table Land Damp
  • Diamond-shaped Note Heads
Session V – Stopped Sounds
Kathy Ebling Shaw, Clinician

Demonstration, notation, score examples and explanation of execution of:

  • Pluck
  • Tap Pluck
  • Thumb Damp
  • Hand Damp
  • Pluck Lift
  • Mallets
  • Mallet Lift
  • Mallet Roll
  • Martellato
  • Mart Lift
  • Hand Martellato
  • Muted Martellato
Session VI – Four-in-hand & Shelley
Hyosang Park, Clinician
  • Execution
  • Assigning
  • Marking Score
Session VII – Bass Bells
Robert Lamb & Kathy Ebling Shaw, Clinicians

Considerations when using larger bells:

  • Equipment
  • Ringing
  • Damping
  • Special techniques
  • Stopped Sounds
  • Assignments
  • Placement on tables
  • Bronze vs. Aluminum
Session VIII – CymBells® & Bell Trees
Hyosang Park, Clinician
  • Use
  • Musical Examples
Session IX – Maintenance of Malmark Instruments
Cynthia Regan, Clinician

Bring a bell & chime and gain knowledge of the basic design of your instruments.  Routine maintenance tips will be offered to keep your instruments in good ringing condition.