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16 Note Choirchime Classroom Set


Malmark Choirchime Instruments are a must for every general music classroom as the ability to produce music is almost immediate. Malmark’s Classroom Set of Choirchime Instruments mirrors the range of the typical xylophone or Metallophone and is a perfect starter set to be used in conjunction with our new educational resource, Ring, Dance, Play. First Experiences with Choirchimes and Orff Schulwerk which is included with your purchase. The Classroom Set includes 16 Choirchime Instruments C5-A6 diatonic, plus F#5, A#5 & F#6.

This set also includes a heavy-duty, roll-up carrying case. The outer shell is made of nylon pack cloth and lined with twill. This is a safe way to carry your Choirchimes. Fold the top half over the Choirchimes, roll it up, and use the over-the-shoulder strap to easily carry your chimes from room to room.

Ring, Dance, Play. First experiences with Choirchimes and Orff Schulwerk
Ring, Dance, Play is a music education resource born out of a joint collaboration between Malmark, GIA, and music educators Griff Gall and Paul Weller. It is the first book of its kind to marry the versatility, playability, and tonality of the Malmark Choirchime with the revolutionary and engaging Orff Schulwerk pedagogy.

This powerful combination will prove instrumental to any music educator looking for a fresh new approach to engage their students.
With lessons specifically created for grades K-5, meant to stress and develop overall music literacy, this book will have your students Ringing, Dancing, and Playing in no time. Be the first educators in the world to receive a copy of this new resource hot of the press to be included with your purchase.

Why Use Choirchimes in the Elementary or General Music Classroom?
– They are lightweight, durable, and portable.
– They use large kinesthetic movements that are perfect for young learners/movers and students with special needs.
– They have a sustained sound which aids in pitch matching.
– They provide yet another medium with which to practice musical literacy concepts.
– They allow for the instrumentalists to participate in movement/dance activities while playing.
– They can be used in place of or to supplement traditional Orff Barred Instruments.
– Choirchimes are less expensive and serve more students than one Bass Xylophone.
– Handcrafted in the USA.

The Classroom Set is a MUST for every Music Educator!

16 Note Classroom Choirchime Set includes:

  • 16 Malmark Choirchimes ranging from C5 to A6 diatonic, plus F#5, A#5 & F#6
  • 1 Roll-Up carrying case
  • Ring, Dance, Play by Griff Gall & Paul Weller
  • Free One-Year Membership to ChimeWorks
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Malmark extends to the original purchasers of all Malmark Choirchime® Instruments from C3 to C8 a five year warranty and  from C2 to B2 a two year warranty on the complete Choirchime® Instrument.

  • Chimes that have been exposed to extremely low temperatures should be allowed to reach room temperature before playing. Low temperature can cause the metal to become brittle and, if struck hard, could result in cracking.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 16 in