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Bronze Bass Handbell with case


The bell castings are made of bronze, carefully lathe turned and tuned and then polished to a jeweler’s finish. The bells are not lacquered to protect the finish, for the application of lacquer would diminish the musical quality of the bell; therefore, touching the bell casting with the bare hands will cause stains and tarnish due to the acids and salts from the skin. Although tarnish will not affect the tone of the bell, the removal of the tarnish, if not done properly, can affect the tuning.

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Malmark extends to the original purchasers of all Malmark Handbells purchased after October 1, 1984, a lifetime warranty on the complete handbell.
This warranty is void if the handbells are serviced by any other party other than Malmark, Inc. or its authorized affiliate.

  • It should be noted that the improper use of mallets and performing the martellato or plucking technique with excessive force may cause damage to the bell that may invalidate the Lifetime Warranty.
  • Martellato technique is not recommended on Bass Handbells

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 24 in

C2, C#2, D2, D#2, E2, F2, F#2, G2, G#2, A2, A#2, B2