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Choirchime® Clapper Assemblies


The clapperhead found on chimes C4-Cis secured by a single clapperhead mount screw in the clapper bushing. While a round felt or rubber head is assembled onto the C4-Bclapper shafts, C5-C8 have clapperheads with a series of holes, slots, and a solid area, one of which is aligned at the point of impact. The correct position for best sound quality has been selected at the factory and no attempt should be made to change it. The clapperhead is not adjustable as it is on Malmark Handbells. Do NOT attempt to rotate or force it into another position, or you may loosen the bushing from the clapper shaft.

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Malmark extends to the original purchasers of all Malmark Choirchime instruments in the C3 through C8 range a five year warranty against failure due to inherent flaws or manufacturing effects.

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G2, G#2, A2, A#2, B2, C3, C#3, D3, D#3, E3, F3, F#3, G3, G#3, A3, A#3, B3, C4, C#4, D4, D#4, E4, F4, F#4, G4, G#4, A4, A#4, B4, C5, C#5, D5, D#5, E5, F5, F#5, G5, G#5, A5, A#5, B5, C6, C#6, D6, D#6, E6, F6, F#6, G6, G#6, A6, A#6, B6, C7, C#7, D7, D#7, E7, F7, F#7, G7, G#7, A7, A#7, B7, C8