Handbell Refurbishing

Thank you for your interest in Malmark Handbell Refurbishing. Because refurbishing services need to be scheduled we are currently not accepting Refurbishing Orders via our on-line store. Please call our home office at 1-800-HANDBEL (426-3235) with any questions or to schedule your handbell refurbishing services today.

For more info visit Refurbishment Service Page


Refurbishing Price List
Handbell Sets
2 Octaves: $1,160.00
3 Octaves: $1,635.00
4 Octaves: $2,140.00
5 Octaves: $2,745.00
6 Octaves: $3,590.00
7 Octaves: $4,800.00

Handbell Add-on Sets
3rd Octave Add-on: $600.00
4th Octave Add-on: $640.00
5th Octave Add-on: $665.00
6th Octave Add-on: $905.00
7th Octave Add-on: $1,275.00