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Handbells In The Catholic Liturgy Book


Handbells in the Catholic Liturgy is a book designed to be used with “The Creative Use of Handbells in Worship.” Hal H. Hopson’s book forms the basics from which this publication is drawn and to which the dieas for use in the Catholic (i. e. Roman) Liturgy are written. The sub-title of part two, “Practical ideas for handbells that enrich (Hymn) singing”, gives the essence and purpose of this volume. This addendum will give specific examples and practical ideas for use in the Catholic Liturgy.

  • Part One: Suggestions on How to write for specific sues in the Catholic Liturgy
  • Part Two: Practical ideas for handbells that enrich the assembles’ (congregations’) Song
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The purchaser of this volume is authorized to reproduce additional handbell parts from this collection.

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