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Mastering Musicianship in Handbells Book


This book is called the “encyclopedia of Handbells” by industry professionals. All aspects of handbell ringing are discussed with the focus being musical excellence in ringing.

Chapter 1: Musicianship
Chapter 2: Starting
Chapter 3: The Fascinating World of Bell Assignments
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Ringing
Chapter 5: Legato Ringing, Precise Damping, and Precision Ringing
Chapter 6: Rehearsal and its Disciplines
Chapter 7: The Skills and Techniques of Table Damping
Chapter 8: Neighbor’s Bell Ringing Techniques (Shared Bells)
Chapter 9: Coordination Exercises
Chapter 10: Stopped Sounds – Techniques and Symbols
Chapter 11: Special Effects and Techniques
Chapter 12: Miscellany
Chapter 13: Bell Adjustment and Soft Ringing
Chapter 14: Bringing Musicianship into Performance: Putting it all Together
Chapter 15: Conclusion – Mastering Musicianship in Handbells
Handebll Score: “Christ, Whose Glory fills the Skies”

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Dear Reader: It is intended to provide you with a challenging and regarding avenue toward achieving musical results through leadership training. My teachers have communicated this to me, and some of those “teachers have been members of my handbell choirs. As long as those lines of communication are open, we can always learn. So be it.

Donald E. Allured

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