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Malmark's bellcraftsmen will bring the ring and beauty of your bell back

The ultimate in handbell maintenance and care is to have your handbells refurbished by the same skilled craftsmen who produced those handbells for you. Their knowledge, skill and experience is your assurance of having your handbells placed in like-new condition and ready for many more years of dependable performance.

If your handbells have been ringing for many years, revoicing of the castings may be desirable. As stresses in the metal relax due to age and use, finding a new strikepoint for the clapper may improve the quality of sound by reducing beats or vibrato in the tone. In the hands of our experienced craftsmen this is an added service which assures that your handbells will sound their best.

Having your handbells refurbished by Malmark’s bellcraftsmen also provides another important benefit. Those sets covered by Malmark’s Lifetime Warranty are assured of continuance of that coverage. Sets of Malmark Handbells purchased before the Lifetime Warranty was applicable (October 1984) can now obtain that warranty on all new parts used by having their handbells refurbished by Malmark, Inc.

Price List

Handbell Sets
RF2500 Two Octaves $ 1,055.00
RF3700 Three Octaves $ 1,495.00
RF4900 Four Octaves $ 1,960.00
RF6100 Five Octaves $ 2,525.00
RF7300 Six Octaves $ 3,325.00
RF8500 Seven Octaves $ 4,450.00
Add-On Handbell Sets
RF2537 3rd Octave Add-on $ 540.00
RF3749 4th Octave Add-on $ 580.00
RF4961 5th Octave Add-on $ 725.00
RF6173 6th Octave Add-on $ 800.00
RF7385 7th Octave Add-on $ 1,125.00
Choirchime® Sets
RF9250 Two Octaves $ 380.00
RF9370 Three Octaves $ 550.00
RF9490 Four Octaves $ 700.00
RF9610 Five Octaves $ 825.00
RF9660 Five & Half Octaves $ 925.00
Add-On Choirchime® Sets
RF9300 3rd Octave Add-on $ 195.00
RF9400 4th Octave Add-on $ 215.00
RF9500 5th Octave Add-on $ 245.00
RF9600 Lower 6th Octave Add-on $ 275.00

"Hassle-Free" Shipping

Malmark is pleased to offer you our “hassle-free” shipping plan. Once you have scheduled your refurbishing, we will send the appropriate shipping package to you which includes: cartons, filler materials, sealing tape, and complete instructions for packing and shipping your handbells to our manufacturing site. Once you have packed your handbell set, the carrier will pick it up and return it to us.

While the “hassle-free” shipping is not included in our refurbishing price, the time and effort saved as well as the peace of mind knowing your handbells are packed and shipped properly, make it well worth the additional expense. And your handbells are insured.

To schedule your handbell refurbishing service call us at:
(800) HANDBEL (426-3235).

To ensure you receive your refurbished handbells by your desired completion date, please allow 30 days for the service.