Bell Plates by Malmark C3-C4


Malmark has gone through the same painstaking process in creating its Bell Plates as it has in designing the world's finest handbells and handchimes. With an extensive range (C2-C4) these handcrafted precisely tuned instruments are available as individual pitches or as octave sets. They are made of specifically chosen exclusive 3/8in thick chime aluminum selected for its tonal quality and vibrational characteristics. Each plate is powder coated (Black for accidentals and Grey for naturals for durability and ease of pitch recognition) and laser engraved with the Malmark logo as well as the note designation on both sides.
A quick release system was developed utilizing S-Biner hooks for easy removal and interchangeability to aid in set up and break down. The plates are connected to the hooks with a two-point suspension utilizing Heavy-duty 3/8in black nylon double braid and a 1/2in black rope clamp to minimize vibrations. Stained pinewood spacers ensure sustain and purity of tone.

C3 $350
C#3 $350
D3 $350
D#3 $350
E3 $350
F3 $350
F#3 $350
G3 $350
G#3 $350
A3 $350
A#3 $350
B3 $350
C4 $350

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