Cajon Foot Pedal


The Malmark Pedal Cajon is the first of its kind on the market. A traditional and snare cajon in one with unparalleled functionality. This creates almost an entirely new instrument.

The pedal feature allows the player to turn on and off the snare wires in real time, instantaneously. Additionally, it allows the player to play the snare wires rhythmically. This instrument is bound to change how the instrument is played.

The snare wires are actuated by a beautifully machined high-grade aluminum foot pedal. The pedal is placed on the left side and is easily adjustable for player preference. This is meant to mimic the feel of a drum kit where the high hat is played with the left foot. Add a bass pedal attachment and have a complete drum kit in one.

The snare wires through a cam locking system are also able to be locked if the player so desires.

The internal mechanisms are made of high grade steel and aluminum. The design incorporates high grade tension bands for long lasting use.

The cajon sound can be characterized by a deep booming bass yet with enough balance to produce a distinct high range snare sound. The pedal cajon comes a with an internal damper bar so that when the snares are turned off there is no residual snare rattle. In traditinoal mode just the pure wood tone and resonance comes through. This feature makes the Malmark Pedal Cajon completely micable in either snare or traditional mode.

The drum is constructed out of the same 1/2" hand picked 11-layer Baltic Birch plywood with a 1/8" hand picked baltic birch playing surface as our El Jefe Cajon. To create strength and tonal quality all the wood is glued together using a high strength wood glue. Snare wires are added in the precise place to provide balance and exception tonal response.

Each drum is hand sanded and coated with a polycrylic protective finish that will protect your drum for years.

19 3/4" H X 14" W X 13 1/8" D

  • Model: CAJ1600

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